Journey into Woodturning #4: Once people find out you have a lathe

0 Posted by - 23rd July 2020 - Woodworking

Funny thing about getting and lathe, when people find out you turn, requests start coming in (which I don’t mind right now). I had a request for a dark wood pen, so I turned the exotic wood of morado. I think it turned out great. Which of the exotic woods that I have do you think would have turned out better (see previous video)?

On a side note, I like pen turning, but its not really my first passion on the lathe. I have no desire, at this point in my turning, to become a professional pen turner. From this point forward, any pens I turn will be a bonus video and not the main video for the week. Unless there is some sort of major challenge.

Here is this weeks video: Pen from the Dark Side – request for me to turn a pen.

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