‘The Bachelor’ Mocked for Comically Bad Bikini Photoshop Fail

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Someone at ABC is taking a lot of heat for the editing in a recent episode of the popular TV show “The Bachelor.” During a Cosmo magazine shoot that was filmed for the show, editors tried to “extend” the revealing bikinis worn by two of the contestants, and the results look like they were done with MS Paint.

The moments of horrendous editing are fairly short—maybe 15 total seconds over the course of a 5-minute video—but it’s difficult to understate how painted on the extended bikinis look. They’re just blocks of solid color with slightly feathered edges.

Clearly two of the contestants selected bikinis for the shoot that showed a little bit too much skin for the network’s liking, but in the interest of speed, the edits were rushed in the extreme.

You can see the full shoot below:

And here are a few screenshots in case you missed the offending footage. There was even a close-up panning shot they chose to keep in:

As you might expect, the response from Bachelor fans and other amused folks on Twitter was swift, providing equal parts mockery and marketing for the show:

The comical uproar about the editing has more-or-less died down, but hopefully the executives at ABC have learned an important lesson. Shows like The Bachelor no doubt have aggressive editing and release schedules to keep to, but if you’re going to ask your editors to do something this obvious, you’d better give them the time to do it right.

Then again, maybe the mockery and attention was what they were after in the first place. You’ll notice that the YouTube video—which has been up since February 3rd—has not been taken down or fixed…

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