PUBG is finally ditching random locked loot boxes

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - a player fires into the bed of a truck from an elevated position
PUBG Corp.

Paid loot boxes will no longer be handed out at random

The loot boxes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have long been a source of frustration for players. With the current system, some of the loot boxes earned by players are completely free, while others require real-world money to open. Which box they ended up with was completely random. PUBG Corp. has heard these complaints and is releasing its new loot system soon.

Right now the game’s loot boxes are placed in a random pool. Players can use BP, the game’s free-to-play currency, to purchase crates from this random pool. Players can either get a free box when they buy a crate, or a locked loot box that requires them to spend real money on a key to open it. But after PUBG Corp.’s changes, the locked loot boxes will be removed from the random pool.

To keep the paid loot boxes appealing for players, they will have a higher likelihood to drop mid-tier rarity items than they have in the past, and the top tier skins will be slightly less rare than they used to be. Assault Rifle skins will also be more common, instead of being the most rare skins in each box. PUBG Corp. is also improving the visual quality of the skins in paid loot boxes.

The first of these changes to PUBG’s loot box system will start on Nov. 20 with the release of the Venetian Crate, which will be directly purchasable with BP. On Nov. 27, the Venetian Crate will join the regular pool of random loot boxes that can be purchased with BP and the probability of getting a locked loot box will be greatly reduced. Finally on Dec. 18 PUBG Corp. will remove locked loot boxes entirely from the random pool.

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