Twitter needs to start exposing the UK’s murky online propaganda

0 Posted by - 8th October 2019 - Technology

Twitter has clamped down on ‘state-backed’ information campaigns in the past year, but it appears that in its anti-government push, not all states may be created equal. Last week, it was reported that a part-time soldier in the UK army’s psychological warfare unit, the 77th Brigade, was also Twitter’s head of editorial for the Middle East.

How was this explosive information teased out? It was hiding in plain sight on Gordon MacMillan’s LinkedIn page, alongside a professed interest in “all things social media and digital”. (The affiliation has since been removed). A spokesperson from Twitter says that MacMillan’s role has been reviewed by the company’s compliance teams and is not currently in violation of the platform’s policies. However, his dual loyalties may surface some apprehensions that have been simmering for some time.

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