The Outer Worlds guide: Tips and tricks for surviving deep space

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The Outer Worlds has finally touched down and you’re just about ready to create a colonist of your own. Before you embark on a mission across the stars, however, there’s some vital information you need to know. There is a lot to manage as you take on (or befriend) the many mega-corporations of deep space. From companion relationships, to inventory management, and even speccing out your character, we’ve compiled an introductory guide to staying alive.

8 tips and tricks for surviving The Outer Worlds

1. Manage your inventory carefully

Loot in The Outer Worlds is aplenty. You’ll regularly be lining your pockets with new weapons and armor. These items will degrade with use, with weapons degrading after being fired, and armor breaking down after taking heavy damage. You’ll be able to monitor this from the inventory screen.

Make sure that you’re equipping your highest level gear and either dismantling or selling the rest. But always make sure to have a backup weapon or helmet just in case yours breaks while out exploring.

2. Invest in hacking

At the game’s outset, you’ll be able to drop some points into the hacking ability. I highly recommend that you invest a few points no matter what build you are going for.

You’ll encounter quite a few vending machines in the field, allowing you to purchase a variety of items. But if your hacking ability is higher than 20, you’ll be able to sell your items at these machines as well. A hacking level of 40 will even allow players to access restricted items on sale at vending machines.

3. Take care of your crew

the outer worlds guide tips and tricks crew

Unlocking companions is a core part of the game, and it comes with a few perks. Not only will you have another gun on your side, but you’ll also have an increased carry capacity! Companions will level alongside you and also have their own skill tree.

Make sure to check in with them from time to time for new conversations and even new quests. Make sure they’re kitted out with the best gear to provide more protection, as they’ll be downed for the duration of a firefight if their health reaches zero. Also, be sure to equip them with their preferred weapon of choice, to make them as deadly as possible.

4. Scavenge everything

The in-game world isn’t exactly open. It’s filled with carefully hand-crafted zones, packed with little nooks and crannies for you to poke around in. You’ll find tons of consumables and other items to trade if you just look around.

Make sure to scavenge for goods to pilfer, and keep track of locked doors and containers. You’ll find lockpicks laying around, and I’ve found that returning to locked off areas once I’ve picked up enough lockpicks has always yielded some great loot!

5. Play smart

During my playthrough, I found that many sidequest objectives were located near my main quest locations. I would recommend grouping up on quests and speaking to all available NPCs in hub locations to cut down on the back and forth. If there’s one thing that galactic mega-corporations love, it’s efficiency.

6. Don’t be a hero

the outer worlds guide tips and tricks combat

The Outer Worlds doesn’t emphasize combat, instead of giving players a myriad of ways around a given problem or challenge. But if you do happen upon some enemies, or even decide to draw on your allies, do not underestimate them.

I went charging into battle a few times, only to be overpowered by enemies who were just around the corner. Make sure to assess situations carefully, and look around for additional enemies when out in the open.

7. Be sneaky

Stealth users have a bevy of tools in this game to facilitate their clandestine activities. Players can sneak through tall grass to conceal themselves from enemies while in outdoor areas. When indoors, players can use cover to conceal them before launching a sneak attack for bonus damage.

You also a Holographic Shroud, which essentially casts a holographic disguise around your character, allowing you to hide in plain sight. While it will project a disguise, the shroud becomes obvious to enemies who get too close. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the awareness indicator over enemy heads.

8. Weigh out your options

Throughout your adventures, you’ll undoubtedly make a few friends and way more enemies. Choosing sides in conflicts will change your standing with the various corporations and factions in the game. You can monitor your faction standing in the character menu.

This standing will affect your ability to travel certain places, and if a group grows hostile towards you, they can open fire on sight. Over time, however, the heat may die down with certain corporations, allowing you to interact with them.

This won’t always work however, as some mainline quests require to make decisions that will affect the in-game world for the duration of your playthrough. It’s best to speak to all involved NPCs and even check with your companions before making a decision.

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