Google will teach you how to use the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense gesture controls with Pokemon

0 Posted by - 3rd October 2019 - Technology

Image: 9to5Google

We’ve moved beyond a flood of Pixel 4 leaks. Now, it’s like the all-encompassing wave that appears when a Pokémon uses Surf. Google seems to have Pokémon on the mind, too, because it apparently plans to help teach you how to use Motion Sense — its Soli-powered motion-sensing technology baked into the Pixel 4 — using a short, adorable Pokémon demo.

9to5Google obtained the demo, which is apparently called Pokémon Wave Hello. It offers instructions for brief interactions with Pikachu, Eevee, and the three starters from the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield. The whole thing looks like it can be finished in about two and a half minutes. It’s unclear if it’s designed as both a Motion Sense demo and a teaser for Sword and Shield, or just the former.

Because 9to5Google doesn’t have a phone with Motion Sense, its screenshots and video only show touchscreen interactions with the Pokémon, like swiping up to make Scorbunny jump, instead of motion gestures. For now, we’ll have to wait until the Pixel 4 launch to see what motion gestures will be used to befriend the pocket monsters.

While it’s fun to see this demo in advance, it seems like the waves of Pixel 4 leaks might ruin all of the surprises not just from Google, but from Google’s partners, too. And there’s still 13 potential days of leaks ahead until Google’s October 15th hardware event.

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