Corvus Belli Previews the AI From Defiance

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Infinity Defiance is the upcoming cooperative board game set in the Infinity universe from Corvus Belli. Being fully cooperative, that means that the game’s antagonists run on their own. But how does that work? There’s certainly plenty of cooperative games out there, each with their own way to handle the game’s AI. In this preview, we get a look at how it’ll act in Defiance.

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Welcome to a new article on Infinity Defiance, the brand new Corvus Belli’s cooperative dungeon-crawler boardgame.

Keep reading if you want to know a bit more about the automatic AI (Artificial Intelligence) responsible for your Enemies’ actions.

The AI deck is the result of a request to the development team. To make the solo or cooperative gameplay viable, it was necessary to develop a game mechanic so that the system could handle the enemies actions without the players needing to intervene.

The first goal to achieve was to recognize that this AI had to be present on each Enemy’s card. This would allow us to have a customized AI for each of them. This way their actions would be so incredibly predictable that players could anticipate the result too easily. With this in mind, we discarded the option.

We then decided to produce AI decks with different gaming styles, depending on the type of troop that was going to use it. At that time, four decks of Artificial Intelligence were created: close combat enemies, ranged attackers, hackers, and the herd. In this case, the enemies weren’t as predictable anymore, but the management of four parallel decks became too difficult – not to mention the space they took up at the table. That’s why we decided to reduce the number of decks.

It was then that we came up with the idea of having double-sided enemy cards – an "easy" side and a "difficult" side. This decision made development harder since we were always very clear that the two sides should differ significantly from each other.


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