5 Destinations Every Drone Pilot Should Visit

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Aerial photo from Iceland, by Iurie Belegurschi, Iceland Photo Tours.

In case you didn’t know already, the latest drones put some pretty extraordinary photography capabilities in the palm of your hands.

Whether you’re a keen photographer already or a complete newcomer behind the camera, the possibilities once you take to the skies are astounding. With drones from DJI, you can now capture professional-grade footage with the touch of a button.

So now that videos and photos this good are at your fingertips, which destinations should you plan your next trip to?

One thing to note before we get started: always make sure you research the local drone laws in whatever country you’re going too. Often, national parks and other famous sites will have flight restrictions and you may require a permit or special permission to fly. Always find out before you take off.

Anyway, here’s our top five destinations, combining the scenic with the spectacular.


First up is Iceland, everyone’s favourite land of ice and fire. If you’ve not seen viral drone footage from the country already, you will almost definitely have seen the island’s waterfalls, glaciers and volcanic deserts highlighted in a bunch of Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Taking a drone to Iceland gives you a unique way to capture majestic landscapes – at the same time as practising your skills behind the controls. Iceland’s challenging elements, incredible light conditions and wide-open spaces make it a perfect creative finishing school.

The video below, made by Moment to promote the company’s recently released Anamorphic Lens for DJI drones, was made in Iceland.

New Zealand

If Iceland is the appetizer, New Zealand is the main course. The country is made up of two islands. Both combine to offer pretty much every type of natural spectacle you can think of: mountains, fjords, glaciers and mile after mile of sweeping landscapes.

What more could you want from an aerial photography perspective?

Just like Iceland, New Zealand’s sights can be sparse and tough to get to. Best to get a car, book plenty of time off work and head out on an epic drone road trip.

The Faroe Islands

Both Iceland and New Zealand require a significant time investment if you want to see all the sights and make the most of your airfare.

With the more compact Faroe Islands, that isn’t such a problem.

But don’t let the diminutive size fool you, the Faroe Islands has a seemingly endless supply of views, mountainous coastline and dramatic seascapes.


No aerial photography bucket-list would be complete without Norway. Despite being one of Europe’s most expensive destinations, you definitely get what you pay for in terms of scenery.

Charming villages, lakes, mountains, some of the world’s most stunning fjords are all waiting to be captured from above.

Just like Iceland, Norway is far north enough to have light conditions that are heavily impacted by the seasons. The summer days are long and bright – perfect for all-day (and all-night) drone photo shoots.


Alaska is America’s great wilderness, a place with national parks bigger than many countries and more aerial photography potential than you can ever truly grasp.

A drone trip here covers all the bases: mountains, craggy coastlines, forests, remote lakes, wildlife. They call it the Last Frontier for a reason.

Quiet, desolate, breathtaking and simply epic. Follow the FAA’s rules to the letter and you’ll have a drone vacation of a lifetime.

Making the most of your drone and getting awesome aerial shots generally depends on wide-open spaces, scenic views and dramatic natural spectacles.

These five destinations tick all of those boxes, but feel free to let us know where you would suggest instead.

Photo Credit: Iurie Belegurschi, Iceland Photo Tours.


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