Why brands are repurposing longer video ads into bumper ads

0 Posted by - 19th September 2019 - Technology

Creating a marketing campaign is no small feat. From ideation to execution, a well-planned campaign takes time and money. So once you have all of your assets, how can you make the most of them? By adapting existing assets for different contexts and campaigns, you can maximize your impact, reaching more people with minimal creative lift.

That’s exactly what some brands are doing with video ads: taking footage from longer spots and condensing them to six-second bumper ads — an ideal format for driving brand reach and frequency. We spoke with four such brands to understand what the benefits are.

To give existing assets new life

“We used to manually create bumpers based on a longer-form ad, to ensure continuity across a campaign. But by using Bumper Machine — a tool powered by machine learning that creates six-second bumper ads from one longer ad — we’ve been able to save time and money. That’s freed us up to focus on telling our story in a more complete way.

For example, in a recent campaign, we used a longer ad to set some context and tell the full story. Then we used Bumper Machine to create a six-second version that prominently featured our brand and product, which made it easy for viewers to make the connection with the broader story.”

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