This could be Apple’s new triple-camera iPad Pro

0 Posted by - 17th September 2019 - Technology

Sonny Dickson

Apple appears to be readying new iPad Pro devices with a triple-camera system on the rear similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. Rumors of the triple-camera iPad system first emerged earlier this year, and now Sonny Dickson is revealing what that might look like ahead of Apple’s rumored October event. The rear of the new iPad Pro includes a triple-camera housing that looks very similar to the one found on the iPhone 11 Pro, and the device is reportedly a “final design mockup.” Dickson previously revealed iPhone 11 case renders earlier this year.

If Apple is upgrading its cameras on the iPad Pro then it could mean the tablets no longer lag behind their iPhone counterparts. Current iPad Pro models use a camera system that’s similar to last year’s iPhone XR, and a new iPad Pro with the same iPhone 11 Pro triple-camera system would allow creatives to shoot high quality 4K videos and edit them directly on the device. The mockup device doesn’t include the glass cover found on the iPhone 11 Pro, and Dickson notes it could be a change or “just a minor omission in a device intended to showcase the final physical form of the device.”

Sonny Dickson

We haven’t heard many other rumors about the potential iPad Pro refresh, but Bloomberg did report that both the 11- and 12.9-inch models will get “similar upgrades to the iPhones, gaining upgraded cameras and faster processors.” With the iPhone 11 Pro announced and even reviewed, we’ll likely see a lot more rumors about Apple’s iPad Pro in the coming weeks.

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