Sonos Move review: A superb but pricey portable speaker

0 Posted by - 19th September 2019 - Technology

9 / 10

Some companies have a knack of announcing their new products as if they’re incredible technological breakthroughs the likes of which have never been seen before. It doesn’t matter if other firms have been utilising the technology for years – they’re presented as incredible feats of unheard-of engineering. Apple, in particular, springs to mind here, but others are equally guilty. Take an Apple launch at face value and you’d be forgiven for thinking it had single-handedly invented everything from OLED screens to electricity.

There’s a suggestion of this stance about the new Sonos Move. Sonos was into the whole wireless multi-room audio thing good and early, and it’s maintained both profile and market share thanks to an ever-expanding range of good-quality, good-value speakers. ‘Sonos’ is well on its way to become a generic term like ‘Hoover’ or ‘Sellotape’.

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