Rustic X Tall Bookshelf

0 Posted by - 11th September 2019 - Woodworking

Reader submitted photo by Texjan

The Rustic X Collection is a reader favorite.  After so much success with pieces from it –

the Rustic X Console – 

And then the matching Rustic X Coffee Table

And then the Rustic X End Table.

We wanted to also add a rustic bookshelf to the collection. Special thanks to my friend Gina at Lady Goats, we collaborated to make this happen for you.


But please take a second to check out Gina’s building post for lots of construction photos and finishing details.


Rustic Bookshelf Plans

These plans have been updated.

rustic bookshelf plans

The updates include a wider overall width, narrower shelf depth (14-1/4" vs 18-1/2") and uses 1x12s instead of 3/4" plywood, and a top that matched the rest of the Rustic X Collection.  If you need the original plans, you can find those here.


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