Photo Experiment: Shooting Portraits at 900mm

0 Posted by - 28th September 2019 - Photography

Photographers and YouTubers Manny Ortiz, Irene Rudnyk and Gerald Undone recently teamed on on something totally ridiculous. During Sony’s recent Kando trip, they got a model, slapped a 600mm f/4 lens onto a Sony a6400, and tried shooting some portraits at 900mm.

You can imagine about how this went. Even headshots required so much distance between model and photographer that there was yelling—forget about full body shots.

For example this setup:

Yielded this photograph:

Manny admits right in the title of the video that “This was a really BAD idea,” but it made for a little bit of fun and some crazy background compression the likes of which you’ve probably never seen outside of wildlife and sports photography.

Watch the full video up top to see the shenanigans for yourself and see some more sample shots from this silly shoot.

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