People are so thirsty for Hermann Rorschach, creator of the Rorschach test

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Weekends are always the best time for a good thirst trap party, and this new one is a blast from the past.

Yes, it turns out that famed Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach is a stone-cold hottie. He looks like what we’d see if Brad Pitt traveled back in time and somehow made it into the history books as a famed early 1900s physician.

No, seriously. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

People are so thirsty for Hermann Rorschach, creator of the Rorschach test

Image: Heritage Images / Contributor via getty images

The Rorschach test involves showing pages of inkblot patterns to patients and asking them to describe what they see. The responses then lead to insights into each patient’s personality.

Wikipedia tells me that the Rorschach test was labeled as pseudoscience in 2001 (among other times). Clearly, the authors of that article never saw a photo of this man. How could anyone say a face that hot is full of shit?

Rorschach, the man, sadly died at the young age of 37, apparently due to appendicitis. Although he and his wife had two children, a son and a daughter, neither one went on to have kids of their own.

In other words, you can drop the “Is Brad Pitt actually a Hermann Rorschach descendant?” theory.

The name “Rorschach” is also known in pop culture because of its connection to the Watchmen vigilante of the same name. The comic book Rorschach notably wears a full-face mask adorned with an ever-shifting inkblot pattern.

All of these factors have been  on Twitter’s (hive)mind as people continue to process the absolute smokeshow that is Hermann Rorschach.

There are also hundreds and hundreds of variations on “damn that looks like Brad Pitt” and a bunch of other responses that probably aren’t family-friendly enough to share here. This whole post is just one more, thirsty “omfg the Rorschach test guy is really hot” shout into the void.

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