Paris Is Set To Open The World’s Largest Urban Rooftop Farm By 2020

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The future of farming has arrived in Paris with the world’s largest urban rooftop farm. Set to open in 2020, the farm will feed thousands of people every single year. As a bonus, by supplying people with produce right to their doorstep, the farm will have an exceptionally low carbon footprint. Sounds good to me!

This urban oasis is currently under construction in the southwest region of the city. It will span over 14,000 square meters (150,700 square feet), making it the largest urban farm in all of Europe.

There will be 20 gardeners who will employ entirely organic methods to take care of the 30 different plant species grown in the farm. The site will produce about 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds) of fruit and vegetables every day during high season.

Design of the world's largest rooftop farm in Paris
Credit: Valode & Pistre Architectes Atlav AJN

Pascal Hardy, founder of Agripolis, the urban-farming company at the center of the project said:

The goal is to make the farm a globally-recognized model for sustainable production. We’ll be using quality products, grown in rhythm with nature’s cycles, all in the heart of Paris.

The farm will provide a restaurant and bar, run by Le Perchoir, Paris’s renowned chain of rooftop venues. This fabulous aerial eatery will offer exquisite panoramic views over the city with enough seating to fit up to 300 people. The menu will feature seasonal produce grown on the site. How delicious!

In addition, the farm will also offer a range of services related to urban agriculture, including educational workshops, farming classes, educational tours, team-building workshops, and special events. Furthermore, locals will have the opportunity to lease out small vegetable plots of their very own, in specially devised wooden crates, for their own gardening needs. This will help city-dwellers to reconnect with their food source.

Hardy explains:

Our fresh produce will be used to feed the inhabitants across the south-west of the city – either directly, through veg-box schemes or via shops, hotels and canteens – thereby helping to reduce food miles. Furthermore, we won’t be using any pesticides or chemicals, so the farm will be a haven for biodiversity.

Agripolis developers will be designing this farm around a specialized technique called “aeroponic vertical farming”. Apart from using no pesticides, this technique uses a closed water system and no soil, therefore the risk of any pollutant is minimized.

Hardy said:

Our vision is a city in which flat roofs and abandoned surfaces are covered with these new growing systems. Each will contribute directly to feeding urban residents who today represent the bulk of the world’s population.

The worlds largest rooftop farm in Paris
Credit: Valode & Pistre Architectes Atlav AJN

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