It’s just got a lot harder to spot a fake Rolex. Here’s what to look for

0 Posted by - 7th September 2019 - Technology

Gone are the days when a fake watch was just something you picked up from a market on holiday for $10 (£8) and wore until one of the hands fell off – usually within a few weeks. That level of tat still exists, for sure, but the counterfeiting industry has become incredibly sophisticated in recent years – to the point where now, you can buy a fake Rolex Daytona chronograph that looks, feels and functions almost exactly like the real thing.

Partly, that is an unavoidable consequence of the explosion we have seen in demand for Rolex’s key models. When waiting lists for a new Daytona stretch into the years, and any that are out there can be changing hands for more double the £9,550 retail price, that creates a market for serious fakes that themselves can cost around £1,000.

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