Google search can now point you to the exact part of a video you need

0 Posted by - 19th September 2019 - Technology

Google search is now able to point you to the exact parts of a video that are most helpful. The new feature, which launched yesterday, works by pulling timestamp information from a YouTube video’s description. The feature currently only works for YouTube videos in English language searches, but Google says it’s working to bring the functionality to more video publishers in the future, including CBS Sports and NDTV.

The feature should be especially helpful for finding the information you need in video tutorials, which YouTube is an amazing source of. The current problem is that actually extracting the information you need from these videos can be a bit of a struggle. Whether it’s a multistage video tutorial where the information you need is buried deep in the second half or a channel that insists on reminding you to like and subscribe at the beginning of a video, Google’s new tool should make it easier to get to the nugget of information you need.

The only problem is that the feature currently relies on timestamps provided by content creators, meaning its usefulness could vary based on how much information people provide.

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