Bear Crashes Wedding Shoot, Photo Bombs Bride and Groom

0 Posted by - 28th September 2019 - Photography

Knoxville, TN-based wedding photographer Leah McMahan Edmondson of Gypsy Soul Photography had to deal with an unexpected photobomber at a recent photo shoot in Gatlinburg. While taking portraits of the newlyweds, a large black bear strolled into the background of her shot, before taking a walk down the aisle.

Edmondson tells PetaPixel that the furry wedding crasher showed up after the ceremony was over (thankfully).

“After the ceremony I did my normal ritual of family group pictures and bridal party pictures and then dismissed everyone to go on up the hill to the reception building to start eating,” says Edmondson. “I had the bride and groom with me starting to shoot when we all noticed this bear.”

She immediately led the bride and groom to another area so they could keep shooting, which is when the bear started walking down the aisle.

“Being scared didn’t cross my mind, I just wanted ‘the shot.’ However, when I stood up, he made a ‘huffing’ sound and started toward me,” recalls Edmondson. “At this point, I am beyond scared. He jacked my heart rate up to Jesus.”

Fortunately nobody, bear included, was hurt and the creature eventually went on its way, but not before making this a photo shoot to remember.

“It was probably the most adventurous photo session I have done,” Edmondson tells PetaPixel, “even more than the one time I shot a family and their pet opossum.” Okay… we’re gonna need to see some pictures of that one too.

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Image credits: All photos by Leah McMahan Edmondson/Gypsy Soul Photography & Salon and used with permission.

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