Autodesk brings automation to its IT help desk

0 Posted by - 2nd September 2019 - Technology

Having shifted its design and engineering software business to the cloud, Autodesk is well-versed in the mantras of digital transformation, including the importance of customer experience. Lately, however, Autodesk CIO Prakash Kota has been shifting his focus inward, to provide a frictionless IT experience for Autodesk’s employees.

“We took a step back and looked at all the touch points that people come to for IT support,” Kota says. “It was really dispersed.”

That led to the launch, in February 2018, of Autodesk’s internal portal, Help Hub, where staff could learn about the company’s IT systems and get self-service support for problems such as password changes and resets. The company also enabled employees to contact its outsourced IT service desk via Slack, which soon picked up a huge proportion of the requests previously conducted by phone.

With all service desk requests logged in ServiceNow, and so much going through Slack, the IT team had plenty of data on how users interacted with the service desk, and what they needed help with. What Kota needed help with, though, was handling requests from a workforce that is growing, organically and through acquisition, without adding more help desk staff.

By intersecting the company’s service desk data with machine learning and natural language processing technologies, Kota and team set about automating responses to a growing set of requests in the Slack channel by facilitating a solution capable of interpreting users’ requests and determining what action to take.

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