3 Reasons to Use Lightroom Brushes Whenever Possible

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Reasons to use Lightroom Brushes

3 Reasons to Use Lightroom Brushes Whenever Possible

Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is an invaluable tool that I use ALL THE TIME! Can you believe that at one time Lightroom didn’t even have a brush?

Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is the best way to avoid taking photo into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  And if that isn’t enough, these 3 reasons should make you want to pull out and use the Adjustment Brush whenever you possibly can!

Lightroom Brushes

1. You Can Target Your Adjustments

There are times when I want to apply changes to the entire photo that I am working on. But there are EVEN MORE times when I want the changes to only affect a certain area – like my subject’s face.

The adjustment brush is really the best option in this type of situation. It has the ability to lighten or change the white balance of certain areas while keeping the exposure in the rest of the photo just as it was shot.

Why use Lightroom Brushes

2. You can Easily Layer Changes

Using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush is the easiest way to layer changes to areas of your photo. For example, let’s say that I have already lightened the subject of my photo. I can then take a new brush and apply some skin softening to specific areas on that same subject’s face.

Any area of a photo can be affected by multiple brushes.

Changes that you make using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush also can be layered with Lightroom Presets. That means that you can make an adjustment using a brush (or several brushes) and those changes won’t be adjusted or canceled out when you apply your favorite preset.

Lightroom Adjustment Brush

3. You Can Apply Multiple Settings Using ONE Brush

Using the Adjustment Brush, you can also apply several settings at the same time.  For example, you can move the slider to increase saturation and the slider to increase clarity and then apply both adjustments using the same brush. Using this technique will SAVE A LOT OF TIME – and time-saving is always appreciated! 🙂

Save Even More Time with Lightroom Brushes from Pretty Presets

Save yourself EVEN MORE time by using the incredible Lightroom Portrait Brushes from Pretty Presets. They are super easy to use and will speed up your entire workflow process giving your work a naturally polished look 

Having trouble with skin tones? The Portrait Brush Collection includes brushes that will help fix color casts, skin tones and smooth skin. There are also brushes to help reduce wrinkles, remove undereye circles, and reduce shine.

Do you want to enhance the beautiful color of your client’s eyes or add definition to them? There are brushes that will enhance eye color, bring out catchlights and whiten the whites of the eyes.

Do you need to whiten your clients teeth?  There are even brushes for that too!

Have fun enhancing your client’s beauty in Lightroom! 

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Lightroom Brushes

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