Minecraft Is Getting An AI Assistant From Facebook, MIT

0 Posted by - 31st August 2019 - Technology

Facebook and MIT are working on an AI assistant for Minecraft that can interact with players and then perform a bunch of tasks on request. "The assistant can also learn from these interactions, and develop new skills," reports CNET. "They chose to use the game Minecraft for the project because it has ‘infinite variety’ but simple and predictable rules." From the report: "The opportunities for an AI to learn are huge," the blog post said. "Facebook is setting itself the task of designing the AI to self-improve … the researchers think the Minecraft environment is a perfect one to develop this kind of learning." MIT said it’s a challenging process, because even a simple request like "build a tower 15 blocks tall" requires the AI assistant to understand what a tower is, how to build one, how to measure the height, and to know what 15 is. An early version of the AI assistant is already available to download. The paper detailing the project is available on ArXiv.org.

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