Fitbit wants £8 a month to make your health and fitness data useful

0 Posted by - 30th August 2019 - Technology

The future of Fitbit is… £7.99 a month. That’s the message from its latest announcement where, alongside a new Versa 2 smartwatch and some budget Aria Air smart scales, Fitbit revealed Fitbit Premium, its new subscription service.

“Fitbit Premium tells you ‘what to do next’ after tracking what you do,” Fitbit CEO James Park says at a pre-launch event in San Francisco. But from what we know so far, Fitbit will struggle to both convert customers into paying subscribers and, more importantly, deliver on its huge promises to motivate real behavioural lifestyle changes. It’s difficult to see how Fitbit will deliver £7.99 a month (or £79.99 a year’s) worth of value.

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