The transformation after digital

0 Posted by - 12th July 2019 - Technology

I have been thinking recently, that whilst we are all at the moment very pre-occupied with ‘digital’ what ever that means to everyone are we not paying attention enough to workforce transformation. Having watched my eldest son go through his gcse process, I am not sure we have the systems, training, skills and attitudes or policies in place to make future working… working.

Just drawing on last experience, when the ways of working changed… how successful have we been at it

* mobile working
* inclusion of remote colleagues
* flexible working and benefits systems
* access to core systems and maintained security of same
* video training systems and education (check out (sorry can’t make linked in not add the website at the bottom)
* building teams that work on separate time zones and with different life goals
* portfolio workers / gig economy
* workers supported by ai and rpa

Considering it might take a number of years to address and persuade the delivery of these solutions, are we about to be too late