Google added a share button to search results

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Google added a share button to search results

How many times have you been asked something so incredibly straightforward that the effort of asking the question likely far surpasses the effort involved in just Googling it in the first place? Probably at least once or twice, hence the existence of LMGTFY. Until now there was no particularly easy way of directly sharing search results, but Google’s working on that.

The latest Google app beta for Android now includes a convenient way to share a Google search with others. Android owners with the beta version of the Google app will now see a "share" button on their search results page. Tapping this brings up a share menu, which includes a "" link. Fling that off to whoever is bothering you and you’ve got the perfect mix of passive aggressiveness and genuine helpfulness.

However, as 9to5google notes, the link only appears to share the text of your search terms, rather than the results that you yourself see when you made the search query. As such, your recipient may not see the same results as you, since Google personalizes results based on what it knows about you. Being able to share identical results would certainly make responding to banal questions more seamless — firing off personalized results may just end up creating even more questions.

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June 20, 2019 at 01:48PM