Contrast paints on wizkidz Dragonborn sorcerer

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I have a character in my D&D dragon heist campaign who is a female dragon born sorcerer so this mini from wizkidz looked like a great figure to use the pack, so as it comes pre-primed gray and I had a collection of some of the citadel contrast paints to hand I decided it was time to paint. (apologies that the images are sideways!)

wizkidz Dragonborn Sorcerer
based and unprimed

I based the mini onto a standard round base, and used some simple green to make it level enough to take a simple base treatment later.

As the character is a green dragon heritage and has a habit of using frost based attacks, I thought that a blue/green color scheme would work pretty well. Concerned that I would not be able to really get behind the figure, the cloak lining I decided on doing black [to cover any over paint].

Step 2, the main part of the robe ultramarine blue. This color covers well and gives a decent highlight and cloth effect, after this had dried the black templar went on behind, again generating a good cloth effect. Black is always a tricky color, so this could become my goto solution for quick blacks.

A little drying time later…

This was also when I realized that the paint was settling deep into the brushes and I was not cleaning the brush enough. If you let the paint settle into the top of the brush, it will cause it to splay.

Next up, the skin, I went for Creed Camo, and the back of the cloak and inner robes tallasar blue. For the staff (and leather) I used snakebite leather and wyldwood for the wooden parts. Excluding the drying time I would say by now I had spent maybe 15 minutes actual painting time. All that was left to do was to drybrush over with a bronze on the staff head, and the armbands/necklaces to complete the look. And my usual tabletop ready quick base.

So for 20 minutes or so, a really pleasing table top ready miniature