Italy just banned Uber in favor of taxis

0 Posted by - 8th April 2017 - Technology

Italy just banned Uber in favor of taxis

A court just banned Uber from using its apps in Italy — yes, all of Italy.

The court ruled in favor of the country’s taxi drivers — who filed the suit — claiming Uber was “unfair competition.” Now Uber can’t use it’s apps — including UberBlack, Uber LUX, X, and Select — and it can’t promote or advertise itself at all within the country.

For all intents and purposes, Uber is banned in Italy.

This is the cherry on the sundae that is Uber’s terrible week: First, a judge came down on it for allegedly dragging its feet in the Waymo lawsuit. Second, one of its drivers filed suit against it for using software to defraud employees and customers.

And now, this. Uber’s not having a lot of legal luck, apparently.

Uber Italy was “shocked.” It’s planning to appeal the ruling.

Italy court blocks Uber services in Italy, citing unfair competition
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