How the world’s top CS:GO players plan for life after esports

0 Posted by - 6th March 2017 - Technology

How the world’s top CS:GO players plan for life after esports

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Esports can seem like an exciting – and lately, lucrative – career option for hardcore gamers. As with popular traditional sports, the field of professional competitive gaming now sees major sponsorship deals and multi-million dollar prize pools for players competing in top-tier global tournaments.

Careers in professional leagues can start awfully early – some players start while still in their teens. That led me to wonder if these young champions know how to manage their money and secure their futures once they retire. I met with several Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players from some of the world’s top-ranked teams at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament in Katowice, Poland, to find out.

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Unlike the football players with outrageous spending habits portrayed in the recent sitcom Ballers (and those from real life that inspired the show), most CS:GO pros are level-headed about how they manage their finances.

Some team managers assists and advises on how to manage salary as well as prize money; sometimes it’s parents, other times it’s team members and the guys themselves who save and invest carefully.

From my conversations with several top CS:GO players in press rooms at IEM Katowice, it seems like players are being prudent about managing their finances, instead of trying to live beyond their means.

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