Prefabrication was the key for this Russian cabin to install in just 10 days

0 Posted by - 27th February 2017 - Technology

Located just outside of Moscow, Russian architecture firm Bio Architects took just 10 days to build an innovative prefabricated cabin nestled in the serene forests surrounding Pirogovo Lake. By leaning heavily on a modular design, the company built much of the cabin in Kazan, Russia — including installing the fixtures, furniture, trim, and utilities — prior to shipping the home to the site for installation. The finished product is equal parts stunning weekend getaway and cozy Russian cabin.

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What makes the cabin especially appealing is its focus on minimalism. As touched on above, the abode sits among the forested area around Pirogovo Lake and is a bonafide sight for sore eyes. Since it sits nicely against its backdrop, it almost takes on the appearance of being a physical part of the forest. Though it features metal roofing — to help the owners easily rid it of fallen leaves and pine needles — its dark color coupled with what appears to be a maple wooden exterior allows it to rest symbiotically with the environment.

“Most of the individual decisions are based on a simple technology and inexpensive materials, so we managed to follow one of the basic principles of DublDom company — quality of architecture at an affordable pricing,” Bio Architects wrote. “The front facade with the maximum number of glazing was dictated by location of the house on the site. All the technical and utility rooms are located along the rear facade, and the children’s room, office, main entrance and the living room with fireplace look at the site with a wonderful view on the water.”

Featuring a host of floor-to-ceiling windows which look out to the neighboring forest, the home receives an ample amount of natural light during the day. Inside, the minimalist aesthetic remains front and center as the furniture and appliances do little to take away from the gorgeous wooden interior. White wooden cabinets flanked by white-finished appliances allow the interior to remain bright even if it’s not particularly pleasant outside.

This lakeside residence is the client’s second such home built by Bio Architects, though what sets this apart from the first one is the fact it took 10 days to build onsite. via #CIO, #Technology