Google Cloud leader lays out ambitious plans for the enterprise

0 Posted by - 16th February 2017 - Technology

The IT world is going through an unprecedented transformation that impacts how enterprises operate and leverage opportunities within mobile, data and the cloud, according to Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google Cloud. Greene has been leading Google’s enterprise business since late 2015, focusing much of her attention on reorganizing Google’s approach to the enterprise market and the big customers it wants to win over.

“I’ve never seen the kind of growth that’s going on here,” she said this week during an appearance at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference. Because of that, her biggest challenge is organizing and hiring for scale and she constantly has to declare just how serious Google is about becoming a force in the enterprise market.

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Google says it was built for the enterprise

While most of Google’s success comes from its consumer services and the advertising associated with those apps, Greene says Google was built to be a giant in the enterprise as well. “We have the cloud for the enterprise because the enterprise has to lean into data and that’s what Google was built for, so I feel very good about where we are and what we’re doing for people,” she said.

“We’re highly reliable, we’re highly secure, we’re highly scalable and we have very good technical people to partner with companies, which is super valuable,” Greene said. “We’re kind of in the sweet spot of where customers are going and we’re seeing that confirmed over and over as we start working with more customers.”

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