Raspberry Pi upgrades Compute Module with 10 times the CPU performance

0 Posted by - 17th January 2017 - Technology

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Raspberry Pi’s upgraded Compute Module.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is getting a big upgrade, with the same processor used in the recently released Raspberry Pi 3.

The Compute Module, which is intended for industrial applications, was first released in April 2014 with the same CPU as the first-generation Raspberry Pi. The upgrade announced today has 1GB of RAM and a Broadcom BCM2837 processor that can run at up to 1.2HGz. “This means it provides twice the RAM and roughly ten times the CPU performance of the original Compute Module,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation announcement said.

This is the second major version of the Compute Module, but it’s being called the “Compute Module 3” to match the last flagship Pi’s version number.

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