BoltFare’s chatbot finds you super-cheap fares in minutes

0 Posted by - 23rd January 2017 - Technology

BoltFare’s chatbot finds you super-cheap fares in minutes

I love to travel, but I know how prohibitively expensive it can be. Thankfully, the internet has given us myriad ways to make it more affordable: Skyscanner, HotelTonight, Scott’s Cheap Flights… even Groupon. Now we can add BoltFare to that list.

Boltfare is a pretty nifty Facebook Chatbot that can find you ultra-cheap fares without you having to do anything. Just tell it where your home airport is, and where you want to go.

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Within one hour of me first using it, BoltFare had found me an itinerary that cost just £309 (roughly $383), and gave me a 3 nights in Amsterdam, followed by ten nights in Panama City, and finally two nights in Paris. It was a pretty sweet deal, and I must confess, I was tempted.

Searching for the same itinerary but on a later date would have cost me in the vicinity of £1200 ($1500) to £2000 ($2500).

For most people, Boltfare’s free plan is enough: it lets you search for one destination at a time. It’s worth pointing out that by destination, the makers of Boltfare don’t necessarily mean a particular city. It could be a wider area, like Europe. It also includes three deal notifications per month.

There’s also a premium plan that costs $5 per month. This comes with unlimited destinations and notifications, which is ideal for those with lots of flexibility and plenty of vacation time.

Give it a go in Messenger by clicking here.