Take a virtual tour of an Amazon warehouse in 360 degrees

0 Posted by - 29th November 2016 - Technology

Take a virtual tour of an Amazon warehouse in 360 degrees

Amazon fulfillment centers are nothing short of awe-inspiring. A tangled web of over 3,000 humans, machines, and complex logistical software, each of these warehouses operate with almost seamless precision to get packages to your door in two days or less in most cases.

I’ve lived most of my adult life assuming this was magic, but a 360-degree video from Cnet gives us an inside look at how it all goes down.

The process starts with Kiva robots that bring shelves to employees. Each of these shelves is equipped with a screen that tells employees what to grab. Once ready, the order travels in a yellow bin down a conveyor belt to waiting employees. Upon arrival, Amazon employees pack each item to get it ready for shipping. From there, the order travels down yet another conveyor belt to a robot scanner that ensures the packing label has the correct address. Finally, the box gets put on one last conveyor belt where it’s sent to an area for items awaiting shipping.

Seriously, logistics on this level are mind-blowing, but Amazon makes it seem so easy.

See inside an Amazon warehouse in 360 degrees
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