Blizzard Launches A Professional Sports League For ‘Overwatch’

0 Posted by - 7th November 2016 - Technology

An anonymous reader quotes USA Today:
One of Blizzard Entertainment’s hottest video games is making the jump into a professional sports league. [Blizzard] announced Friday the launch of Overwatch League, a professional video gaming league kicking off its inaugural season during the second half of 2017… Blizzard says the league will combine competitive video gaming — better known as eSports with hallmarks of professional sports leagues like the National Football League, complete with teams based in various cities worldwide featuring owners who will cultivate team and player development… Blizzard will start by recruiting prospective owners representing cities in the Americas, Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe… Players who get picked up by a team are guaranteed contracts complete with benefits, and owners will be required to take steps to develop their players and grow their fan bases.
Overwatch already has 20 million players after just four months. Could professional videogame competitions someday become more popular than football?

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