​To be more agile, you need mindsets to change

0 Posted by - 7th November 2016 - Technology

“We need to be more agile. We need to get things done quicker. Little ‘a’ not big ‘A’ – no it’s the other way around.”

“Being nimble is where it is at. Do we go scrum, Kanban or DSDM? What about lean? We’ll dramatically improve our delivery rates if we go agile.”

I hear these things over again and yet, in most cases nothing ever changes. Simply saying you need to be more agile won’t change a thing.

Sending everyone on an agile training course won’t change a thing. Asking your customers to get more involved won’t change a thing. Buying a collaboration tool won’t change a thing. Going open plan won’t change a thing.

Calling project managers scrum masters won’t change a thing. Buying a pool table won’t change a thing.

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