​Look out DevOps specialists, the Brazilians are coming

0 Posted by - 29th October 2016 - Technology

When Brazilian IT professional Hafid Sousa was looking to expand his career prospects with a move abroad, Australia was high on his radar.

“I had a few options,’’ the DevOps specialist says. “I had Canada, England and America, but I felt Australia would have a lifestyle and climate similar to my country.’’

Hiring experts agree the spotlight on South America is enduring beyond the Rio Olympics. With Australia’s thirst for DevOps talent intensifying, some recruiters are measuring close to a 20 per cent jump in Latin-born IT professionals taking roles here over the past six to 12 months.

The DevOps space is currently in high demand due to many companies looking to automate their application and infrastructure deployments, integration of systems and application releases.

Companies are using more cloud-based technologies and hybrid models for larger enterprises.

Sousa first came to Australia as a tourist and then decided to do a master’s degree before applying for permanent residency. He has been working in the IT industry in Sydney for three years.

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