Finally, Windows 10 on a refrigerator door

0 Posted by - 3rd September 2016 - Technology

To the thousands, nay, millions who were holding out for a Windows 10 fridge before upgrading, we’ve got some pretty great news straight from the IFA show floor. Granted, it’s still just a prototype with no firm release date, but here you go. LG put a fully functioning Windows 10 tablet on the door of a fancy new icebox.

And it’s a massive tablet, at that – measuring 29-inches, powered by an Intel Atom processor located up top. It actually seems to work pretty well, in the demo we got on the show room floor. It’s surprisingly responsive – a lot more than many of the sorts of displays companies jam onto their appliances in the name of smartness.

The coolest bit here (what pun?) is that the fact that the big touchscreen surface turns translucent, revealing the fridge’s contents behind it. That means that you can virtually pin things like purchase dates to the surface, directly in front of a perishable. Of course, the demo refrigerator had like four things in it. As large as 27 inches is, it can get pretty crowded, pretty fast.

You can also do all of the standard smart fridge door stuff, a la Samsung’s Tizen offerings, like finding and displaying recipes, watching YouTube videos, or, in the case on the demo on the floor, looking at a big picture of Vladimir Putin’s head in the news. via #CIO, #Technology