​How robotics is pushing banking towards a new self-service era

0 Posted by - 9th September 2016 - Technology

A few years ago, robotics, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), was seen as an upcoming trend that figured all too often in predictions made by business leaders and was presented as a revolutionary technology that would invade all aspects of our society.

By 2016, not only have these predictions come true for many aspects of our personal lives, but robotics and automation have also entered the business world.

Banks, in particular, are starting to use robotics and automation tools to address new challenges created by their move into the digital age. Customer service management will be one of the most impacted areas of banking due to the evolution of robotics.

Automation is far from being used to its full potential

Roy Morgan revealed recently that the average customer satisfaction ratings for the Big Four banks have dipped to the lowest level since mid-2013, after peaking in mid-2015. Furthermore, recent UBS findings have highlighted more Australians will be turning to start-ups for financial services, instead of banks.

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