This Imgur post will make you want an old-school mechanical keyboard

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This Imgur post will make you want an old-school mechanical keyboard

For all our fancy slim laptops and touchscreen devices, some people still prefer the click-clack of a good-old mechical keyboard. Imgurian NuPlsStahp took the time to extensively detail why mechanical keyboards are (still) awesome.

First is a primer on what differentiates mechanical keyboards from the rubber dome system you’ll likely find on your laptop. Aside from often being more durable, mechanical keyboards have different actuation and “bottoming out” points, meaning you don’t have to press the key all the way down for clicks to register.

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Credit: NuPlsStahp

The post then goes on to describe various different types of mechanical keyboard systems, including the popular color coded Cherry MX switches and a few other designs too. I mean, check out this beautiful infographic:

It also breaks down various different keyboard sizes and styles, as well as their pros and cons. Such as this ergonomic split keyboard:


Or this 40 percent, ortholinear keyboard, where keys are in a grid pattern rather than staggered, and it only keeps the essential letter, symbol, and modifier keys:


If you want to learn more about mechanical keyboards than you ever thought there was to know (people make artisan keycaps?) head on over to the source link below.

I’ve seen some hate about mechanical keyboards in usersub, so I think it’s only fair I give you an explanation
on NuPlsStahp [Imgur]