Quantum dots meet curves in Samsung’s new gaming monitors

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Gamers trying to decide between the superior color of quantum dots or the immersion of a curved screen for their next computer monitor can now have the best of both worlds. Samsung has announced two new gaming monitors, the CFG70 and the CF791, which combine quantum dots with a curved display.

Quantum dot displays contain a layer of semiconducting nanocrystals, which emit light of different colors depending on their size, varying by a few nanometers. The result is an image with deeper blacks and better color accuracy. While the presence of the heavy metal cadmium is an issue with some quantum dot devices, Samsung assures us that both of the new monitors are cadmium-free, like the rest of the company’s 2016 UHD TVs.

On the bendy side of things, the CFG70 has a curvature of 1800R – that means if the edges of the screen were extended to form a full circle, its radius would be 1,800 cm (709 in). The smaller the number, the sharper the curve, so with a measure of 1500R, the CF791 is one of the sharpest-curved displays out there.

Timing is everything in games, so the CFG70 boasts a 1 ms response time and a 144 Hz refresh rate. The CF791 clocks in slightly slower, at 4 ms and 100 Hz, but makes up for it with a much higher resolution: the former keeps to a modest 1080p, while the latter displays at an ultra-wide 3440 x 1440.

And if you have an AMD graphics card in your rig, both screens are compatible with the company’s Freesync system, which synchronizes the refresh rates between the screen and the card in an effort to reduce latency and stutter. That’s helped along with a new system that activates, divides and positions the backlights dynamically, with the result reducing visible blur and eye strain, according to Samsung.

Proving it’s for the players, the CFG70 has a couple of extra gaming-specific features thrown in. A Gaming UX dashboard brings up essential settings, like response time and refresh rate, while hotkeys on the front and back of the monitor allow users to adjust those on the fly. Embedded LEDs form an "Arena Lighting" setup, which reacts to sound and is designed to enhance immersion – although we aren’t sure it won’t just be distracting.

Samsung is presenting the monitors at IFA this week, and expects them to be available by the end of this year. The CFG70 comes in two sizes, 24 in and 27 in, for US$399 and $499 respectively. The 34-in CF791, meanwhile, will run you $999.

Source: Samsung via BusinessWire

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