10 Tips for Implementing Scrum Practices

0 Posted by - 26th August 2016 - Technology

Many enterprises believe that simply adopting scrum practices will make their business agile. Scrum, a term named for the scrum formation in rugby, is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development. Success with scrum is about building a company culture that promotes collaboration, transparency, self-organization and responsibility while continuously improving through inspection and adaption, says Dwight Kingdon, Principal Consultant and Agile Coach at Mindtree, a global IT consulting firm specializing in corporate IT services and solutions. Teams that focus on the harder parts of agile practices, such as working through communication issues, distrust and lack of accountability, will become the true agile elite. “Scrum is an easy agile framework to get started with,” he says. “This makes it seem like such an easy concept, but it can be difficult to implement really well,” he adds. Here, Kingdon shares scrum rollout best practices that businesses can implement in order to avoid common pitfalls and bolster the benefits it has to offer.

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