So That’s How the Inside of the Millennium Falcon Is Laid Out

0 Posted by - 22nd July 2016 - Technology

I’m probably not alone in saying I was always curious what else was in the Millennium Falcon. We saw the cockpit, the large hangout area, some hallways and guns, but what else is there? A new collectable revealed at Comic-Con shows exactly that.

On the floor of San Diego Comic-Con, I happened to stumble upon this Cutaway Ship Replica of the Falcon at the QMx booth. Now, I’m sure plenty of people on the internet have drawn detailed maps of the Falcon but, having never searched them out before, I was in awe at this piece.

So yes, the piece has a top that you can put on it and then it’s just a sweet replica of the Falcon. But look at this detail. How do you NOT display it like this?

In that last photo, you get your best look at the cockpit’s relationship to the main area, where the smugglers panels are, and their relation to the rest of the ship which we never see in the movies.

Unfortunately, according to QMx, this is still in the prototype phase so there’s no guarantee it’ll ever get released. But it’s still just insanely cool. via #CIO, #Technology