Retail Industry Research Focuses on Digital Business Transformation

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Retail Industry Research Focuses on Digital Business Transformation

by Robert Hetu  |  June 29, 2016  |  Submit a Comment

CIOs must become trusted advisors to senior management in the digital business transformation journey. They must guide the business on how to deploy a modernized technology foundation to create new value streams for competitive advantage in a volatile, unpredictable and industry-blurring business environment.

A major challenge to CIOs will be to prioritize and ramp up enabling technology investments for excellence of data management. As digitalized retailers increase their use of advanced analytics fueled by big data, it will be vital to reorganize merchandising and marketing around the needs of the consumer. The ultimate goal will be to provide the necessary foundation for the business to leverage customer data in meaningful ways. Actionable use of customer-related information across the business to enhance the customer experience will be a key differentiator to increase market share.

To assist the CIO in navigating the process, Gartner’s four retail key initiatives work together to build a cohesive view of the future of digital retail.

Gartner 2016

Gartner 2016

To learn more about our comprehensive retail agenda Gartner clients can read Retail Industry Research Focuses on Digital Business Transformation.

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