12 minutes of Phantom 3 First flight

0 Posted by - 10th May 2015 - Drones

http://mydronediary.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/fs_14312402476712064008940-1024×768.jpg Flight time so far: 4h 52m

The weather finally calmed down enough for a first flight of the Phantom 3.  There’s a common software release problem, in that the DJI Pilot app, which is so much better than the one from the P2, clearly still is at minimum viable product. Things I like about the android version, clear interface (perhaps not the most intuitive for settings), two buttons on the controller that can be preset to a bunch of things (most of which not that much use for me). The cloud sync’d pilot logs and functionality is looking great. IOS version has director mode. I’ll borrow a tablet to allow me to try that out next time.

The P3 flies fabulously, steady, gps stable, much improved. It gives you a certain level of confidence that the drone (now called Blinky (craig will be pleased this one is named)) is at all times planted in the sky, and will probably come home. I didn’t do any extreme range, had one moment of interruption at about 700m from me, I suspect I had poor directional alignment between me and Blinky. Video quality is great, although the shots did seem to have a slight tilt on them, and the AEB auto bracket shots work fine (from a taking point of view, how usefully they combine will be a post production activity). The camera is much much faster at taking stills and returning you to video feed and control.

Amazing drone to fly.

Flight time: 11 mins (half battery, time for food interrupted)