not quite what i was after

0 Posted by - 21st April 2015 - Drones×723.jpg Flight time so far: 3h 52m

I drive past Hanging Houghton often, it has this great valley, sweeping soft curves. It looks photogenic, it looks like it should make an awesome sunset. However theres a couple of snags on sunset photography with the dji.

The first is exposure and teetering, I still haven’t managed to shoot or expose decent shots where the exposure range has the latitude, and HDR still eludes me. Tonights flight also went against my sunset photographers rules… just not enough interest in the sky with clouds. So todays shot was pleasing, but more of a tease as to what it could be like when I just get those settings and the timing in the sky, and the clouds just right. Theres definitely a shot around here somewhere.

Flight time: 14mins

I did use the DJI ultimate flight app again, I am still enjoying that over the stock app.