looking for calm skies

0 Posted by - 2nd April 2015 - Drones

Easter break is approaching so thinking about my time off between emails on the train. Actually on the way to see amazon so might ask how drones is going for them over sandwiches. I wonder how they are going to solve flight duration time and avoid theft of them. Oh and of course crashing.


I have also been thinking about my drone collection.

  • Dji phantom vision 2+
  • Dji phantom vision 2+ with stage 3 range upgrade
  • Bebop with sky controller
  • Blade qx 180
  • Blade nano x2
  • Parrot ar drone (not sure flight worthy need to check)

I keep googling around for cheap gps one for a training drone (gps gives stabilization) nothing yet about.

I keep toying with the idea of building a 250 class drone that could be a fun summer holiday project. Though i might brush up my java and have a play with the drone sdk software.

Too many ways to spend time!