fix it time

0 Posted by - 21st April 2015 - Drones×768.jpg I have the most dangerous thing to hand, a soldering iron.

Having diagnosed a blown ESC (speed controller) on one of the motors on the second DJI Drone, its time to fix it. As it seems to be impossible to determine what motor type (there’s 2 available) I have decided to take the plunge and do a complete engine upgrade. The new 2312 motors provide much more lift (35%) than the original stock motors. It’s possible that the 2312’s are already installed in which case theres less soldering required, well other than i need to change all the ESC’s to v2.1.

Its been a fair while since I have done some hands on electronics, looking forwards to it. At this rate you never know I might get around to one day building a quad from the ground up.