Dji Phantom 3… musings whilst airborne

0 Posted by - 14th April 2015 - Drones×768.jpg Flight time so far: 3h 21m

It was the day after the announcements, I watched them over breakfast. It was orchestrated like a poor apple event, which as a viewer didn’t do me any favours, 30mins of hold pattern whilst they got started… fast forwards…

Having watched the launch announcements of the Phantom 3, it left me wondering. I had decided to go flying that day to the coast (which was a bad plan considering the huge amounts of traffic). I ended up near hunstanton with a wide open street of field, just off the beach. It was a great spot for flying, not a great photograph location to be honest. Nice enough shot from one angle. Having given up on that todays flying was all about the imagery, it became all about just enjoying the flying. I just had a blast flying around, enjoying and getting more hands on with the drone, flying in line of sight as opposed to needing an FPV glance, just fun on fun.

I also repeated using the alternate flight app called “Dji Ultimate Flight”. at first glance it seems a little basic compared to the DJI app. It’s not, apart from one glitch, It gave me a faultless flight. It also gave me twice the FPV range of the DJI app, getting good FPV out as far as 377m (almost twice that of the DJI app).  I still couldn’t get the HDR one click shots to work though.

So the thing that still frustrates me as a photographer is the lack of control of the camera. Now we are onto why I am going to add a Phantom 3 to my flight collection. It’s not really about the build in light bridge, which is nice, or the better flight time, which is also nice but nothing an extra (and cheaper) battery can’t level on a P2. Its about the camera. This is a photographer thing, its not about the 4k lush vibrant video… nope its about the View angle, less fish eye, and the 3 shot auto exposure bracket functions. For well exposed shots in difficult lighting, AEB is just the go to tool. And there it is on the P3. I am in for one, I am wavering, its birthday time soon….

Quad Copter… surely that means 4 copters….

flight time: 31 Mins