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0 Posted by - 12th March 2015 - Drones×673.jpg Flight time so far: 1hour 39Mins

I managed to grab a still moment over the weekend, so I thought I would put the bebop into the air to take a comparable sunset and location shot to the fisheye.

drone blogAs you can see the shot is pretty different when you switch from dng to jpg. I think the shot was just a little later so the light levels were quite a bit different (the first shot is at iso 700, so has a lot more low level grain). The low level grain has quite a large amount of colour and sharpness distortion, leading me to the conclusion its a pretty cheap sensor inside the camera.

In jpeg mode (where you loose the fisheye, but also a great deal of control over the image) you still get 4000×3000 (or so) pixels, theres still distortion around the edges, which is quite apparent. Also no lens profile for lightroom makes correction more of a cropping option than a fix.

I am pretty much concluding that the bebop is optimised for video, rather than photography.

Drone Sunset over Holct

Sunset over Holcot Feb 2015, DJI Drone, Northamptonshire

For complete comparison this is a picture from a similar location and time taken with a DJI Drone Vision +. I think its clear you get a richer colour source, much less grain, sharpness increase and also viable lens correction.

There was also some other “interesting” moments during the flight. This was the first time where I had green GPS lock the whole flight. I also checked for wifi interference (none as such) and tried switching to 5GHz band. I found this much less reliable than the 2.4ghz at about 100m altitude I started getting beeps for loosing wifi to the drone (I use a sky controller) so this is a lot less than the proposed 1.2km that is the maximum uk range. I was almost directly above so there was not interference for line of sight issues.  I hadn’t experienced this before, so I will comment again if it was a feature of the 5ghz range. On the subject of GPS, the drone also must have momentarily lost GPS, resulting in a couple of 40m swings across the sky, this kind of behaviour makes for a very nervous flying experience. Making you wonder if its about to go on a mad free flight out of control and to it’s disaster.

On a different note my rucksack case arrived which as usual i am pleased with, great foam cut out, robust and light, everything fits in nicely, including some spare props, 5 batteries, charger and the nexus tablet I use.

Total flight time: 8 mins