Bebop over Caldecott

0 Posted by - 22nd March 2015 - Drones×580.jpg Flight time so far: 1h 47m

It was a beautiful day over in northamptonshire and I had been thinking of flying to take some pictures of the viaduct near caldecott village (rutland). So we set off promising ice creams for the non-flyers to rutland water, planning for a little detour. Its a great location for a shot, although I had both drones in the car, We only flew the bebop today.

The conditions were perfect for flying, mainly the Bebop was in video mode (the video quality from the bebop is nice, the photo quality in this mode, and others (see earlier posts) I am not that delighted with). I had two great flights, although at about room out the sky controller started to loose wifi and beeping at me (which is a lot shorter than the 1.2km range…). Though to its credit never lost signal, and I was able to fly back into full control. The weather was stock wind still so no alarming drifting today. My Partner took the bebop up for a flight, she also enjoyed it, apart from my constant reminder that there are trees. I think there could be another occasional pilot. During the last flight, there were a couple of funny moments, the first when a DJI phantom flew past! Some momentary confusion as we realised thats not my drone! Seems it really was a great day for flying.

Sad to say that my obviously 2020 vision was failing me on the last flight, and in the multiple drone excitement had lost my visual bearings, had to resort to return to home landing at 12% battery safe and sound.

The bebop is a fun little drone, easy to fly, the video footage is nice (when I edit some will drop it up, via my snail-ternet), the still photo capability is crippled by the fisheye distortion in DNG, and in JPG both at low rez in the video stream and in photo mode, really lacks sharpness and definition. Unless i have an unusually bad lens.