Bebop, gps and the world through a fisheye

0 Posted by - 9th March 2015 - Drones×1024.jpg Flight time so far: 1h 23mins

So there was a brief break in the weather, a calm moment and some clear skies.  I decided to try and put the Bebop into the air, using the back field to get a better GPS lock (than in the courtyard). I had also set the photographic mode to full 4k mode to grab some better photos.

The time was approaching sunset, so exposure was going to be a problem, the high contrast from sun in frame to ground always causes an issue. Even on cameras at ground level, at altitude the problem seems to be greater still.  The first flight I had some GPS lock (some green time from moment of take off), though it often drifted to amber, even at 90m above ground. As you can see from the photograph the sky was as clear as you can get, and I am not in a built up area. As a result the drift of the drone can be a little alarming and un-nerving. Though for this flight it actually seemed fairly stable. I did get a couple of big drifts (maybe 20m). I had also set the max climb and decent rate to 1m/s which was very painful and exciting on decent.

Is it me or do all drones have magnetic attraction to trees.

I got a second flight, again some occasional green gps, but mainly amber gps, again some drift issues, but not so bad as the first few flights.

The image quality from the photographs in full resolution mode, is pretty decent. Although correcting the fish eye, is impractical, the spherical abhoration and distortion is massive. Especially as there appears to be no settings around for photoshop or lightroom to lens profile this.

It feels a bit misleading informing to say that the camera is a 14mp image, when to have a useable shot (with distortion resolved) you’d be down to a much lower resolution (or as a non photoshop pro be using jpg and 1024 resolution).

Total flight time: 16mins